Free Double Moving Average Crossover EA

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Free Double Moving Average Crossover EA


Before downloading the Free Double Moving Average Crossover EA, you should have read about how the Double Moving Average Crossover EA Strategy works.


Free: This is a totally free EA. What is the catch? There is no catch. We provide this EA for free so that you can experience how it is like to run a forex robot.

Trade on all currency pairs: No restrictions on currency pair to trade.

Full control: Different currencies have different market behavior. With this Forex Robot,you will be able to configure settings to meet different market conditions.

Simple to use: Place the Forex Robot in the MetaTrader 4 folder and it is ready to use. Settings for Forex Robot can be easily set with a few clicks.



Standard lot = 1

Mini lot = 0.1

Micro lot = 0.01


Value of the first moving average. To have a 10-period moving average as the first moving average, input “10”.


Similar to MA2. This is the value of second moving average.

MA method

Simple = Simple Moving Average

Exponential = Exponential Moving Average

Smoothed = Smoothed Moving Average

Linear weighted = Linear Weighted Moving Average


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