Double Martingale Strategy EA – Profit Settings (Full Version)


Double Martingale Strategy EA


Before purchasing the Double Martingale Strategy EA, you should have read about how the Double Martingale Strategy works.


Trade on all currency pairs: No restrictions on currency pair to trade.

Full control: Different currencies have different market behavior. With this Forex Robot,you will be able to configure settings to meet different market conditions.

Simple to use: Place the Double Martingale Strategy EA in the MetaTrader 4 folder and it is ready to use. Settings for the Forex Robot can be easily set with a few clicks.

Placing unlimited trades: Forex Robot will continue running, until you remove it or when certain conditions have met.

Safe to use: The Double Martingale Strategy EA will stop running and removes all trades when any error has occurred.

Hidden Profit / Stop loss: This applies for live trading. Your forex broker will not be able to see the Profit/Stoploss of the trades placed by the Forex Robot. It closes trades automatically in the background when price has reached the Profit / Stoploss values set by you.

Have full control over these settings:

Starting lots: The higher the lot size, the higher the gain and loss. However, do note that brokers have a max lot size that you can place trades. Since double martingale strategy involves doubling the lot size every time the trade goes against your direction, when the max lot size has reached, the Forex Robot will not be able to place the next trade. Hence, it is advisable to start with the smallest lot size of your broker.

Maximum lots to trade: This is the maximum lot size for each trade. Forex Robot doubles its lotsize, but will not exceed this value. It will go back placing trades at starting lot size if this limit has been reached.

Profit to take on each winning trade (in terms of currency of broker account): The higher the value of this, the longer it takes the Forex Robot to win. When set to a lower value, it has to be enough to cover spread and commissions costs. With a lower setting, the Forex Robot places trades more often, but profit when be lower on each win.

Minimum account equity value: When account equity falls to this level, the Forex Robot will stop running and close all trades.

Close on Friday (CloseFri): You can decide whether to close trades for the weekend. When this is activated, all trades will be stop at a certain time specified by you. All open orders will be automatically closed at Friday 23:45pm (according to broker’s time).

Time to stop trades on Friday (When CloseFri is activated): This follows the 24 hour clock. When it is set to “20”, the Forex Robot will not place trades after Friday 8pm (according to broker’s time).


In order for EA to work without any interference, please do not place manual trades when the EA is running or attempt run multiple EAs on a single account.

If Forex Robot closes trade as soon as the trade is placed, please increase the profit to take in your settings, as profit amount is not enough to cover the spread and commissions costs.


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