Have you ever wanted to see if a forex strategy works?


You do not have the time to test it?

Some people would show you a forex strategy and shows that it works or do not work based on a small date range. With a small set of data it is almost impossible to tell if a strategy do work or not.

In this analysis we are doing it differently. By making use of forex robots to do run the testing, we can quickly see the results for the whole 2018 year.

We will be testing the Double Moving Average Crossover Strategy. The Simple moving average (SMA) is used.



Date tested on:

1 Jan 2018  – 31 Dec 2018


M5, M15, H1

Simple Moving Average Crossover Values:

5 SMA and 20 SMA

20 SMA and 50 SMA


1,000 USD








5 SMA and 20 SMA


In the 5 min chart, the moving average crossover strategy works at times. After the whole year, the balance remains about the same as the start.


In the 15 min chart, there are win and loses, that kind of even out. There was a huge decrease around the middle, which causes the overall lost for the year.


For the 1 hour chart, we see that there are periods of profit. But the lost was more than the profit. Overall, it is a lost as well.






20 SMA and 50 SMA










The tests on 20 cross 50 moving average shows similar results as the 5 cross 20 moving average. From these few tests, the moving average using these values is not a profitable strategy for the year 2018 on the EUR/USD.

lf you wish to run test with other values or timeframes, you may make a request to us to run test on that. Alternatively, if you like to run these test on your own, you can also get this free Forex Robot here.

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