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CreateForexRobots is the Best Forex Robot/Expert Advisor/EA Programmer in 2018. We are a professional forex developer with more than 2000 projects completed and a 100% job success rate. Our forex programmers have more than 5 years of experience with MetaTrader 4 (MQ4/MQL4/EX4/MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MQ5/MQL5/EX5/MT5) coding.

Leave it to us to turn all your trading strategies into fully automated trading systems!

WHAT DO WE DO is a forex programming service provider that creates trading solutions for automating forex strategies. We specialize in creating forex robots on MetaTrader 4/5 for forex traders worldwide.


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The forex robot was made exactly as per my trading requirements. It has been working for 3 months now with no errors, generating passive income.

Scott Beckman - US

Easy to communicate, fully understand what I need, delivery work much earlier than expected

Simone Lucci - FR

Best forex programmer I have tried so far! 

Simanto Mondal - ID

tried learning programming to create my own forex robot but it was not easy. Nowadays I use this service to get the job done. Its my fifth time so far. 

Joseph Egan - UK

Great job as always!

Janson Seah - SG

My trading requirements was met,  forex robot automated my whole trading strategy. Support here is also good.

Oscar Romero - MX

I have recommended some of my friends in my trading group to use this service as well, they are all very satisfied with your service. Thank you and well done!

Daniel Tan - SG

Great to work with. EA was delivered on time. I took some time with testing, support was always available to help with my doubts.

Ben Waters - US

Very professional, easy to use service!

Colin Dawson - UK


What is difference between Forex Robot and Forex Expert Advisors or Forex EA?
EA stands for expert advisors. Forex EA is the short form of Forex Expert Advisors. Forex Expert Advisors (EA) and Forex Robots are the same thing.

What currency pairs can the Forex Robot trade on?
It can trade on any currency pair.

How can I test if the Forex Robot works?
You may do a back testing on history data, or run the Forex Robot on a demo account.

What are the requirements to run a Forex Robot?
  1. An account with a forex broker that allows automated trading.
  2. Metatrader 4 downloaded.
  3. Internet Connection.

How to run Forex Robots / Forex Expert Advisors on Metatrader 4?
  1. Open Metatrader 4.
  2. On the left top corner, click on File > Open Data Folder.
  3. In the folder, click on MQL4 > Expert Advisors. This is the location that you will save the Forex Robot.
  4. Download the Forex Robot and save it into that folder.
  5. At the top left, click on View > Navigator. A window would appear. In this window, search for the Forex Robot that you have downloaded, it will be under the Expert Advisors section. If the Forex Robot is not found, restart Metatrader by closing the Metatrader window and reopening it again.
  6. Once the Expert Advisor is found, enable auto trading by clicking on the Auto Trading button. Alternatively hit Ctrl + E.
  7. Finally, you may run the Forex Robot by dragging it onto the chart.

Will the Forex Robot still run I turn off the computer?
No. We recommend getting a VPS service to run the Forex Robot, so it will be able run 24 hours, even when the computer is off.

What type of Forex Robot do you create?
The Forex Robot is created exactly according to your trading requirements given! So please be as specific as possible when sending in the trading strategy.


What is the price of the Forex Robot?
Price depends on the complexity of the trading strategy. It can range from $30 to $1000.

Is the Forex Robot reliable?
Detailed testing would be performed by our professional team of Forex Strategy Testers to ensure 100% functionality of every Forex Robot created.

Will my trading strategy be disclosed to the public?
We respect your privacy, trading strategies sent and forex robots created will not be shared or distributed in any way.

How long will it take to order a Forex Robot?
Price quotation is usually provided within 2 working days. The average creation time of the Forex Robot is 3 days. The whole process from sending us the quote to would usually take less than a week.

What is the Forex Robot file type?
MetaTrader 4: .mq4 and .ex4. .ex4 is the complied version of .mq4 file type

MetaTrader 5: .mq5 and .ex5. .ex5 is the complied version of .mq5 file type

Simple Process Of Creating Forex Robots:

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