Forex Trendy Review – Tested in 2019

Have you wanted to find out what trends are happening in the market?

But you do not have the time to spot them?

This is where Forex Trendy comes in. It helps to scan across all the currency pairs.

You will be able to see trends that are happening in the market, and follow it for profit.

We have read the good reviews everywhere about it, and went to get a copy of it ourselves.

What is Forex Trendy?

Forex Trendy cannot really be considered a forex robot. But it does exactly what a forex robot does, which is to assist you in your trading.

It is not 100% fully automated, which means that you still can decide whether to take the trade after seeing the trend.

It is very easy to use as do not have to install it on your trading platform. Forex Trendy runs online and tells you trends directly from the website.

Instead of analyzing all the charts yourself to find trends, Forex Trendy does this for you. It saves you the time to look through the charts yourself.

The Members Area

Forex Trendy scans for the top trends in the market, and displays it in the trends tab.

Comparing, with my chart in the MetaTrader below to check if the data if the most updated:

Yes. The graph are the same.

So basically, when a trend is spotted in Forex Trendy, you will then go to your MetaTrader and place the trade there.

Spotting Patterns

Other than spotting trends, it could also spot patterns.

Patterns that could be spotted: Falling Wedge, Rising Wedge, Flag, Triangle.

Patterns are split into “Completed Patterns” and “Emerging Patterns”.

Completed Patterns: Patterns that already been formed.

For completed patterns there is a buy / sell signal.

Emerging Patterns: Patterns that are in the process of being formed (does not have a breakout yet).


There are further settings which you can customize. Such as the forex pairs, timeframes and drawdowns. Alerts can also be set, you may choose to receive it by email.


Hope this gives you a better understanding of how Forex Trendy works. It is a simple and easy tool that you can make use of to spot trends and patterns to complement your forex trading.

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