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What is CreateForexRobots? – A Brief History

CreateForexRobots was started in 2017 by Forex Traders.

As we are Forex Traders ourselves, we realize the important need of using Forex Robots / Forex Expert Advisors / Forex EA in Forex Trading and want to help individual traders learn how to trade using Forex Robots.

We started up this website with a programming service which helps forex traders customize their strategies. It was met with huge demand, but the time and cost involved in customizing each and every program makes it not worth it for us.

Our website has changed its focus since then but we still want to give our readers the benefits of using Forex Robots. Since we enjoy creating Forex Robots, we now make Forex Robots based on popular forex strategies. By using these Forex Robots to backtest the forex market, we can quickly see the results of using the different forex strategies. This is a much faster method than manually backtesting to determine the results of using a certain strategy. Hence, to provide value to our readers, we share the benefits of Forex Robots by posting the results of the backtests.

Our Mission:

To provide the best information on Forex Robots. We introduce people to the world of Forex Robots, and provide educational content to help them learn how to make full use of Forex Robots. Using our Forex Robots, we backtest different forex trading strategies and share the results with our readers.

Our Vision:

The Ultimate site for all Forex Robots needs for all Forex Traders worldwide.

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