Does Forex Moving Average Crossover Strategy Work?

What is a simple forex strategy to use?One of the most common indicator used in trading is the moving average.What is it and does it work? Let's find out.  There are many types of moving averages to use. Simple, exponential, smoothed, linear weighted.We will start off...

Forex VPS Guide

Table Of Contents: What is Forex VPS? Benefits of VPS Important tips on choosing a VPS Conclusion What is Forex VPS? VPS stands for virtual private server. You may imagine it to be a remote computer that you can run your forex robot on it. VPS has many uses and one of...

How To BackTest On MetaTrader 4

What is BackTesting? Backtesting is the use of history data to determine how a trading strategy would perform over a specified period of time. From the results of the backtest, a trader can analyse the profitability and risk, and determines if a trading strategy...

Ultimate Forex Robots Guide

Table Of Contents: Types of Forex Trading What are Forex Robots? What can Forex robots Do? Advantages of Using Forex Robots Forex Robot Scams Profitable Forex Robots Types of Forex Robots Free Forex Robots  How to use Forex Robots on MT4 Conclusion Types of Forex...

Does Forex Double Martingale Work?

A Short History of Double Martingale   The Double Martingale Strategy has it origins from the casinos. Every time a player loses a bet, he doubles the bet until he wins. He only has to win once the cover all his losses. Example: A player bets $1 and he loses, he...


Forex Robots are also known as Forex Expert Advisors (Forex EAs). They are programs created to run on your trading platform such MetaTrader 4/5 (MT4/5). It allows forex traders to turn their forex strategies into algorithmic/automated trading. Forex Robots are able to place trades or give alerts when certain trading conditions are met.


Watch Market 24 Hours

Keep track of the market even when the trader is away from the screen

Maximize Profits

Forex traders will be able to seize every trading opportunity and gain passive income

Automated Trading

Executes trades on behalf of the trader when market conditions are met

Quick Execution

Forex Robots does more precise trades than any manually executed trades

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